Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Longtime Sunshine LIVE!

At last nights show at Stubbs, Austin TX, Weezer played 'Longtime Sunshine' and from the sounds of the audience in this video, really got the crowd going.

Rivers has been rehearsing this song on recent UStream videos and to my knowledge this is the first time Weezer has performed this song as a whole unit. I'm pretty sure the original demo is just Rivers alone.

This is a really great rendition of the tune, it's fantastic hearing it with the full band behind him. The Memories tour is really bringing back some killer tunes from the Weezer catalogue.

Who's hoping for some 'Blastoff' Swear it's True' 'Waiting on You' or even 'Lullaby For Wayne' at a future Memories show?

Thanks very much to MistaRowland for taking this video and posting up on youtube for all to see!

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